Friday, 15 February 2013

Business Plan

Business description : 
A humanities library and shop where customers can read and listen to various history and geography recordings. There will be beanbags and sofas around the shop so the customers can relax while they enjoy the reading. If the customers are interested to purchase a copy of the book, ebook, audio recording or video, they can go to the customer service booth and purchase a copy.

Business legal Structure : 
I would choose partnership because I think it is better to work in a group to support the business.

Business type :
History, Educational

Location : 
Clementi mall 

Market : 

Business Mission Statement 

Business : 
- History and Geography
- Cafe
- Library
- The place to relax and learn
- Quiet learning environment for studying

Company's ideal image from a customer's point of view :
- Place to hang out when studying.
- Humanities reading materials
- History and Geography

From the Management and employee's point of view
- A high class place to work in.
- Easy and fun to work in
- Friendly employers and staff

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