Thursday, 21 February 2013

Business feasibilty plan (Joshua , Rachel, Qadirah,Kabir)

Business description : A cat cafe where people can drink while interacting with cats in the cafe and play with them .This is for people who cannot own cats themselves or wish to play with more cats.At the same time we are a cafe who sells donuts and pastries :D

Business legal structure: Sole proprietor

Business type: Service, food

Location : In shopping malls

Market : Local (Singapore)

Words that describe the business: Happiness , cleanliness , cosy , cute , comfy , good service

From the customers point of view: Cats are happiness , A hang out place for all , Relaxation time , a place to play and relax

Ideal image from an employee and management point of view : A clean safe environment for cats and cafe visitors to relax.

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