Thursday, 21 February 2013

Business Plan

Business description : We Serve Best Baked Treats Products Such as Buns Cakes Cupcakes Brownies and Donuts! The "Secret Ingredient" is because our customers can customise their dishes. So if they do not want sugar we wont put sugar in their dishes and we do not charge delivery cost, so f you were catering for a event and you ordered from us, you will not need to pay extra delivery charges.Business legal structure: PartnershipBusiness type: food and beverages- With ServiceLocation : Shopping mallsMarket : Singapore (Will expand if it is successfulMISSION STATEMENT:5 words to describe the business:-Innovative-Creative-Attractive-Functioning-Amazing3 words to describe the companies ideal image from a customers point of view-Good Service-Variety-Enjoyable3 words to describe the companies ideal image from a management and employee point of view-Non- Biast-Fun-Original

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