Thursday, 21 February 2013

Business Plan

Business description : We would set up a website where the customers can access it and design their own sports shoes by customizing it.The people who wants to customize their own shoe can choose the colors or the material of the shoes or the types of sport shoes for example soccer shoes,basketball shoes or running shoes.They can show us the model of the sports shoes that they designed and we would make it for them and we would send the shoes by mail or they can come to collect the shoes at our store.

Business legal Structure : I think I would got for a partnership because the work would be easier to complete and faster to do and more people means the workload is lesser.

Business type : Sports

Location : Shopping malls

Market : I would target a local market first but if the company gets more successful I might consider an international market.

Mission Statement:

5 words to describe the business:

3 words to describe the company's ideal image from a customer's point-of-view:

3 words to describe the company's ideal image from a management and employee point-of-view:

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