Thursday, 21 February 2013

Business Plan

Business Description: A Café for LAN gaming that provides customers with the best gaming experience by giving customers an extensive range of computer games, console games and vintage games to choose from. The computers we provide for the customers' usage are custom built to be extremely powerful, so that you play games with the highest resolution and with no lag. The Café provides high quality drinks and snacks. You can also host gaming events at our LAN Gaming Café and the host can decide on the ambience that he/she wants during the event (Meaning: We will customize the LAN Gaming Café according to the customer's request).

Business legal structure: Sole proprietor

Business type: LAN Gaming Café

Location: Scape

Market: Gamers

5 Words To Describe My Business:
- Irresistible
- Exciting
- Awesome
- Fun
- Affordable

3 Words To Describe The Company's Ideal Image From A Customer's Point-of-view:
- Top Quality Service
- Best Gaming Experience Ever
- Affordable prices

3 Words To Describe The Company's Idea Image From A Management And Employee Point-of-view
- Freedom
- Friendly
- Fair (not bias)

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